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How Horrible Is Our History, Really?

How horrible is our history, really? Do America’s past 400 years resemble the brutal and tragic legacy of Nazi Germany, and demand that we accept comparable burdens of guilt and shame? Should we adopt “regularized rituals of...

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The Constitution’s Anti-Slavery Time Bomb

When critics attack the nation’s founders as irredeemably racist, they ignore the Constitution’s anti-slavery time bomb. While disparaging that document’s accommodations to slavery, detractors also forget the hammer-blow against the...

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Misguided Payouts Based on Ancestry, Not Actions

The current anguish over “racial justice” has been punctuated by intensifying demands for monetary reparations to the descendants of enslaved Americans. The prospect of arranging appropriate compensation for uncompensated labor that...

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Undermining Patriotism–and Gratitude

On the importance of patriotism, the younger and older generations hold dramatically different views. According to a Wall Street Journal-NBC poll, nearly 80 percent of those over 55 believe patriotism is “very important” but barely 40...

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Pushing Guilt Over Gratitude on America’s Past

With much fanfare, the New York Times launched “The 1619 Project”, commemorating the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first 20 enslaved Africans in Jamestown colony.  The Times misleadingly announced: “Though America did not...

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Would Reparations Go On Forever?

On the campaign trail, several leading Democratic presidential candidates express support for the concept of reparations paid to black people to compensate for the crimes of slavery. The most uncomfortable question about this terrible...

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A Vile Attempt to Tarnish Lincoln

A group of students at University of Wisconsin used the recent Indigenous People’s Day to try to discredit Abraham Lincoln. They covered a monumental statue of the 16th President with derisive signs and staged a “Die-In”...

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