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Mediocrity Should Never Be a Selling Point

Some 50 years ago, Senate Democrats successfully torpedoed a Supreme Court nomination by discrediting the Republican president’s nominee as too “mediocre” to take a place on the nation’s highest court.  Before today’s...

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Liberal Justices Demand an ‘Almighty’ Court

For decades, left-leaning legal scholars have worshipped the idea of an all-powerful Supreme Court, imbued with incontestable, non-negotiable and altogether incomparable power. But during Wednesday’s oral arguments over the...

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Is Democrat Supreme Court Frenzy Really About Timing?

In their furious reaction to confirmation plans for a successor to the late Justice Ginsburg, Democrats insist it’s all about timing. But even if she’d passed, or resigned, two years earlier, would Democrats offer more cooperation in...

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An Intimate View of a Great American

Based on 30 hours of intimate interviews, the superb new PBS documentary CREATED EQUAL: CLARENCE THOMAS IN HIS OWN WORDS allows the Supreme Court Justice to tell his remarkable story, just as he’d narrate it to family members or close...

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The Real Basis for Anti-Kavanaugh Hysteria

Hysterical opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court isn’t based on the alleged sexual assault of a teenager in the distant past; it’s based on fears of judicial assault on the purported “right to abortion”...

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At Stake in the Kavanaugh Fight: Rule by the People

In their desperate desire to block the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Democrats say they’re fighting to protect “abortion rights”, but that claim is deeply misleading. If a state legislature wants to pass...

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