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Political Comeback of the Year

Major League Baseball offers an award for Comeback Player of the Year, and if major league politics handed out a similar prize, Texas Senator Ted Cruz would deserve it.   After the embarrassment of a failed presidential campaign and his...

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Two years from now the Republican convention selects a presidential nominee and recent weeks helped clarify the field of contenders. Governor Rick Perry hurt himself with clumsy comments comparing homosexuality and alcoholism, while Jeb...

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Ted Cruz and the “Birther” Obsession

If Senator Ted Cruz makes the decision to run for president, there should be no doubt that he’s eligible for the office – despite renewed criticism of his dual citizenship in the U.S. and Canada. Cruz was born in Calgary, and his...

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Hollywood Calls Congress Crazy?

Actor Sean Penn says the final solution for “Tea Party influence on Congress” would be “committing them by executive order” to insane asylums. The two-time Oscar winner told CNN that he felt compassion for leaders like Ted Cruz...

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Romance with Fake Martyrdom

In the course of back-to-back confrontations over funding the government and raising the debt ceiling, the conservative base has become intoxicated with visions of glorious martyrdom. On the eve of the federal shutdown, as House...

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