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Unfair to Stay-at-Home Moms (and Dads)

In a rare area of agreement, both presidential candidates want to help working families with childcare expenses. Trump recently proposed a tax deduction for parents who place their kids in daycare; Clinton backs an even more costly plan,...

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Early Veep Choice Could Mainstream Trump’s Campaign

If Donald Trump wants to revive his faltering campaign he should make a bold move and offer the Vice Presidential nomination to Paul Ryan – even with the understanding that the House Speaker probably won’t accept it. The gesture of...

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Election is Crucial, Beyond Presidential Choice

Many conservatives feel discouraged at the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for president of the United States but that doesn’t mean we should lose interest in the crucial election this November. Important Senate races in...

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Fourth Party Prospects for Victory

Third party candidacies are generally a waste of time, but this year a fourth party candidacy could capture the White House. Here’s how it might work: with Democrats deeply divided, the Bernie brigades might walk out of the convention,...

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Hidden Tax Hikes in Trade War Threat

Both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have broken with the 70-year consensus on free trade, with Trump threatening a 45 % tariff on imports from China, Mexico, and other countries on his enemies list. The problem is...

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The “Self-Funding Billionaire” Scam

  The “outsider” appeal of Donald Trump’s campaign has been based on two assertions he has repeated in every public appearance: that he’s a peerless entrepreneur worth more than $10 billion, and that he was funding his own...

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Brain Dead Nostalgia Could Doom GOP

Sinking approval ratings show Republicans losing touch with the public by peddling simple-minded nostalgia for the past.  A Pew Survey indicates 70% of “Conservative Republicans” agree that “compared with 50 years ago, life for...

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The Cost of Bashing the GOP

Approval ratings for the Republican Party recently sank to their lowest levels in a quarter century. According to Pew Research Center, an appalling 62% of registered voters view the GOP unfavorably. This is not just because the American...

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Iowa Proves It: Dems More Divided Than GOP

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Democrats are more ideologically divided than Republicans—and the Iowa Caucuses proved it. Entrance Polls showed Republican voters expressing near unanimous support for conservative principles: a full...

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The results of the Iowa Caucuses and the numbers provided in authoritative entrance polls suggest seven unexpected lessons from the Hawkeye State: Donald Trump will not run the table. After six months in which Trump dominated the...

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