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America Not Alone in Racial Strife

Like America, Germany faces renewed racial tension with shadows from a troubled past. A terrorist in military garb burst into a synagogue in Hamburg on the festival of Sukkot, known to many Christians as the Feast of Tabernacles. A local...

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Partisan Rage and the Threat of Violence

In the tense weeks leading to a fateful election, Americans have begun to worry about more tense weeks after the voting. A disputed outcome might even inspire fighting in the streets, say scholars at the Hoover Institution, the Hudson...

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“Peaceful Protest” Is a Contradiction in Terms

The mainstream media reflexively praise the civic unrest afflicting major cities across the country, using the term “peaceful protest,” without ever acknowledging that the phrase is an obvious contradiction in terms. A picnic can be...

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Associating Piety and Violence

Among the major religious traditions around the world, only one—Islam—currently and stubbornly associates piety, devotion, and sacred scholarship with murderous violence. A Washington Post headline unwittingly emphasized that point...

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