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Dr. Carson’s Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

Comments (20)

  1. From: Richard Tolton   On: February 12, 2013

    Pro Flowers is a scam I ordered the 29.99 special after takeing all my information the bill suddenly became $58.00

  2. From: CAROLYN Broyles   On: February 14, 2013

    fan tastic speech by Dr. Ben Carson

  3. From: CAROLYN Broyles   On: February 14, 2013

    fantastic speech

  4. From: brett foxley   On: February 15, 2013

    Awsome man awsome speech. Why is this man not the President of the United States of America . This is exactly what we need .

  5. From: Richard Venckus   On: February 16, 2013

    He won’t be re-invited next year…nor the next year…nor the next year after that…maybe in the not-to-distant future, a Republican may occupy the White House and America may share in his common sense wisdom…we can only hope…for now, the main stream media will work to silence this individual…footnote…I nominate him to be the keynote speaker at the 2016 Republican Convention…

  6. From: John Torres   On: February 17, 2013

    Finally, someone unafraid of the “punishment” Obama will inflict on him. We need people who are as strong minded as this man.

    • From: Duman   On: March 11, 2013

      those things, he was a stand-up guy for a chngae, and he deserves credit for that. But to say, as this fawning acolyte does, that W is “one of the men I most admire in this world”? And “W really and truly never ceases to amaze me”? And you rightwingnuts accuse people who worked to get Obama elected as kool-aid drinkers? And who the hell do you think you are, claiming that your “role” is “to expose evil and save my country from danger”? What kind of overblown egotistical self-righteous narcissist are you? And PLEASE don’t claim that God has asked you, of all people, to do this in His name. That’s beyond egotistical; it’s downright shameful.

  7. From: CAROLYN Broyles   On: February 17, 2013

    Love this Man and his speech
    ,He had a a great Mom too.

  8. From: Scott Fellows   On: February 18, 2013

    While I greatly appreciate this gentleman’s speech and agree with his position, the Prayer Breakfast might have been an inappropriate place to attack the President.

    • From: Judyth   On: March 9, 2013

      IS IT NOT APPROPRIATE TO STAND UP FOR SUPPORT OF JUDEO-Christian morals rather than give our hard-earned money to Muslims in Egypt and NOT the Coptic Christians?? Even a Muslim friend warns me about the Wahabi Muslim sect. I do not know their number in Egypt.

  9. From: Scott Fellows   On: February 18, 2013

    While I appreciate and agree with this fine gentleman’s position, the Prayer breakfast might have been the wrong place to attack the President’s political, social and economic philosophy.

  10. From: Bill Safford   On: February 18, 2013

    Gott Sie Danke. “Truth to Power”

  11. From: Nelson Guiarro   On: February 19, 2013

    Amazing speech, I am so inspired. Dr. Ben Carson is a great man and he loves America.

  12. From: cameron draine   On: February 19, 2013

    Dr. Carson should run for president. We need more people like that who have an opinion and not afraid of saying it, in a clear and simple manner.

  13. From: gloria vesper   On: February 19, 2013

    Impressive speaker. I felt as though he was just have a conversation with his audience.

  14. From: Patrick M   On: February 19, 2013

    I have to disagree with the earlier comment that this might not have been the most appropriate forum (prayer breakfast) to discuss what he covered; not only is it appropriate–he talks about moral decay, the dangers of PC, etc…–but you have to love the fact that the President never claps at any of his comments and you have a true Washington outsider who absolutely is hitting the nail on the head regarding specific issues and some of the reasons why politicians in Washington haven’t solved or even presented realistic or practical solutions to the glaring problems that confront our nation. Kudos to Dr.Carson. Thanks for posting this.

    • From: Ned   On: February 20, 2013

      Guess I would need to watch videos of past prayer breakfasts for content, but seemed like an odd and inappropriate place to be discussing political issues. But just like the nation is divided, liberals will disapprove and conservatives will support anything that could be an affront to the President.

      • From: Judyth   On: March 9, 2013

        Political issues do have their basis in moral issues, as our great CONSTITUTION enshrines them.

  15. From: nancy schwartz   On: February 19, 2013

    Such an inspiring speech. After listening to Dr. Carson, I ordered the movie about his life. My 15 year old daughter saw it last night, and I think, (though she wouldn’t admit it) that it affected her. She didn’t want to see it, but couldn’t tear herself away, once it began.

    • From: Judyth   On: March 9, 2013

      Young and old can recognize the truth of a man’s or woman’s word, and perhaps the learning young are more open to it.

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