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Gov. Christie Tells White House Doctor to Shut Up About His Weight

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  1. From: Cindy   On: February 8, 2013

    Right on Chris! I agree 100% that it is extremely irresponsible for a physician to play “guess the diagnosis” on people. It’s as offensive as people still getting away with fat people jokes. I thought there was an anti-bullying campaign in this country or does that only apply to people who are black and Hispanic?

  2. From: Jerome Borden   On: February 9, 2013

    Before the Doctor gets too concerned, maybe a look at the “old folks” in Gov. Christie’s family would be in order. In my family, the large bodies tend to bury the lean ones; so, the chances are my size (not as big as the Guv’s) is OK. Except for the Air Force Weight Control Program (Pogrom?) which now considers 34 inches to be a maximum waist size! Note to the Doctor: When did President Taft die? It wasn’t in office.

  3. From: Barbara Herron   On: February 9, 2013

    I agree with the physician; though I have a history of caring for patients, I don’t need to have a diagnosis, weight, blood pressure, multiple tests, complete history, not to mention an MD degree, to come close to the outcome of the Governor future health. I do admire Gov. Christie, and want him to live a full active life, at least for the sake of his wife, children, grandchildren. My spouse suffers the result of abusing his health and as a result he is not the only one suffering.

    • From: Glen   On: February 10, 2013

      Hey Barbara I’ll echo what Gov Christie said, you shut up. Everyone is so busy getting into everyone’s lives. That’s the problem with this country.

  4. From: Scott   On: February 11, 2013

    Since when do we side with fat people who get offended when people suggest they take steps to improve their health?

  5. From: MimiSue   On: February 11, 2013

    Too bad Christie isn’t listening to his own doctor. He is losing constiuents. Once I wanted someone like him as President but not any longer. I can’t support someone who has little respect for themselves and others. Not only should he apologize to the citizens of the US but to the dr who out of concern tried to help him realize his health is more important. Especially to his family. No longer need him in the White House. He has my “no vote” in 2016.

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