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  1. diane del grosso  •  Dec 11, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Listening to the conversation regarding animals and their rights, my concern is that intelligence is always the main consideration as to which animals deserve to be treated with empathy and compassion regarding their treatment by human beings.
    What I can’t understand is what does intelligence really have to do with this question? A human infant isn’t intelligent, cogent yes, intelligent not yet. BUT if you slap, cut, neglect this human infant it cries, screams and KNOWS in some way that it is in pain or great need.
    Truth is that no living being needs great intelligence to understand that it is suffering and if it’s human hands creating that suffering, it’s the human animal who is acting in an immoral, insensitive and yes, unintelligent way. Are people saying it’s okay to cause suffering to a living being we consider not intelligent? Would that include severely retarded humans, or special needs people? And if non-human animals are ‘lesser’ in the eyes of humans then I would add that your question as to whether animals should have responsibilities because they have rights is absurd. If we are the smartest animal then we should be smart enough to know that laws and responsibility were made for humans.

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