Political Ad that Should Be Imitated Everywhere

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  1. From: Larry Pender   On: December 20, 2013

    So have any organizations of Drunkards or Swindler filed any complains regarding the Duck Commander?

  2. From: charles bowen   On: December 21, 2013

    Why i think we are in our current state. 1. The Republican party has failed to create a presence in the self-gratifying social media. 2. The public school systems fail to teach the philosophy and deeper origins of the constitution. 3. The absence of critical thought. 4. Failure of the populace to know representatives work for their constituents. 5. No clue who their representatives are. 6. No understanding who their representatives are and that they work for us. 7. Focus on immediate gratification. 8. “News” has no focus except what has happened not what will. 9. No emphasis of what is upcoming in the legislation and regulatory process. 10. Fear of the “State”.

  3. From: charles bowen   On: December 21, 2013

    Obama sound bites that the Dens will win on. Republicans shut down the govt. Services could not be provided. Families and children went hungry. Safety was compromised. People could not work to support their families. Some were forced to work without pay. The ACA is the best way to ensure those who cannot afford health care now have access. We have put in place those things necessary to maintain our way of life. With your support we can continue. It won’t be easy given the partisan opposition. Again with your help and support, we can make this great country of ours better for ALL. Thank you.

    Did and done. Covered in mainstream and social media. Republicans on rebuttal and defense making them the guilty party.

  4. From: Jim muri   On: January 4, 2014

    Powerful ad. Needs to be upscaled to address national situations during federal elections and tweaked for state offices. But don’t expect the RNC to dirty themselves by paying for effective ads. It might offend someone.

  5. From: Audrey   On: January 7, 2014

    This is great. The only way to win against the opposition and the slavishly adoring media is to spend money on clever ads like this one and keep driving home that more government is not the answer to every problem we face. Maybe when everyone has mediocre health care at outrageous prices, they’ll realize that government does not do all things well.

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