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Sen. Rubio Speech on Middle Class Opportunity At U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

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  1. From: James F.Rudolph   On: January 29, 2013

    This is offbear and oft the subject but your program started this a.m. with a quote as best I remember was from barack obama stating: the future does’nt belong to anyone who disparrages the propjhet” Was this true ? did he really say this? Was this part of a speech? If so, where would I find it? Thanks JFR

  2. From: Paul Sautter   On: January 29, 2013

    How about Hispanic lawmakers like Rubio speaking to the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce across the country and Spanisih media like UniVision?

  3. From: Amber Dru   On: January 29, 2013

    Why do none of the discussions on “immigration reform” ever mention the negative effects on those of us in the bottom 50%?
    None of the immigration proposals ever tell us how their new and improved immigration laws are going to stop future illegal immigration (we did illegal alien amnesty in 1986- gave us millions more illegals), or why we should believe new laws will be enforced when the old laws aren’t. ………..The immigration cowards, also never say what they think the numbers should be……The U.S. already admits over 1.1 million legal immigrants every year- more than all other nations combined! We also admit more refugees than all other nations. .So, what do they propose the cap should be? …. And what will they do to stop future illegal immigration? About 50% of illegals are visa overstays. Only internal enforcent and manditory E-Verify will curb this, not border security. Even so the President has shown that the laws do not have to be enforced. An illegal alien can now have a work permit and have their many felonies waived! It is not believable any new laws will be enforced either.

  4. From: Carmelo Junior   On: January 30, 2013

    Marco is a disappoitment. Trying to give invader foreigners US citizenship. Not even Bush came up with something like that. So these Mexicans illegals will be more “Americans” than Puerto Ricans that have been fighting and dying for this country for over a century?

  5. From: Carmelo Junior   On: January 30, 2013

    The left is trying to destroy real exciting and historic minority conservatives like Nikki Haley and pushing for moderates like Marco Rubio. Nikki Haley and Susana Martinez are 100% more conservatives than this fraud. But this Rubio guy is 100% more conservative than RomneyCare.

  6. From: Sylvia Serber   On: January 30, 2013

    How will we possibly fill our jobs for skilled workers in the middle class if we don’t
    begin the process immediately! Why all the empty slogans, trillions of dollars in debt for
    our future generations to pay off when the real deals are NOT BEING put on the table NOW!!

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